Second Opinion Accounting Service from £21.24 per hour

Second Opinion Accounting Service from £21.24 per hour
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Second Opinion Accounting – Ten Percent Financial

There is a service available online to assist anyone who wants to look into their accounts in a bit more detail than their accountant has and at very low cost. Whilst most accountancy firms will charge you £50 or more to do ‘extra’ work on top of the annual return preparation etc.. we have a solution that will cost from just £21.24 per hour including all fees and VAT.

Have you ever been in the situation where your accountant has informed you that a figure has come up that means your turnover is substantially higher than you thought it was going to be, or that a particular type of expenditure is not tax deductible and is therefore going to cost you money? It may be that a larger than expected PAYE bill has come in, or your corporation tax does not look correct. VAT can be a particular headache and quite a lot of companies will spend a lot of time worrying that their returns are not accurate and they are paying more than they were expecting to.

Small Business SME Auditing

Second opinion accounting is exactly that. We have a team of accountants and bookkeepers available at very short notice to assist you looking forensically at your accounts and determining how certain figures have been arrived at, or whether a particular figure that has been indicated is correct. Confidentiality is paramount and our accountants will sign confidentiality undertakings before commencing work.

Prices are very low and cost considerably less than a firm of accountants undertaking the same work. From just £21.24 per hour we can provide you with assistance, making sure that your annual returns are absolutely correct and your tax bill is not too high, or you are paying twice for the same thing.

Very often in larger companies teams of auditors and accounts staff will look at the accounts externally to provide a second opinion to the accounts department. This type of work can be very cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses who lack the finances to be able to afford a team of auditors to come in and look at their accounts. This can also be excessive when all that is really required is someone to go back through and spend some time studying the accounts in some detail.

Low Prices – Quality the Same

The reason the price can be so much less is that the service provides you with a second opinion and what you do with this second opinion is entirely up to you. It is not meant to replace your accountant or accounts staff or the work they do, but rather to provide you with accurate information about your accounts that you may not have known, and to give you figures at your fingertips in order to keep close track of your finances.

Personal Finances

Our accountants can also assist with personal finances as well, looking into sources of income and expenditure and seeing where issues have or are likely to arise.

Visit Ten Percent Financial

For assistance with historical account checks, forensic accounting, accounts investigations and detailed analysis of your accounts that will not cost the earth, please visit www.tenpercentfinancial.co.uk and register a request for a freelance accountant. We could be helping you in less than a few hours with your issue. All types of software catered for including Sage (all types), Quick Books and Xero.