Free Advice for Business

Hello! contains 100s of articles and blog entries full of sensible and sometimes controversial free business advice for entrepreneurs across the globe. Our contributors are varied but the site is hosted by Jonathan Fagan, MD of Limited, a solicitor and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. We try to include information and tips you will never see published elsewhere. This is suitable for businesses looking to expand, grow, start up, sell up, or simply exist or survive.

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Advice includes:

  • Where to get cheap business services.
  • How to open a successful business and run it at no cost.
  • How to avoid paying anyone anything ever.
  • Who you can trust to help you.
  • How to achieve a successful work/life balance
  • How to do a 1 hour working week from the sun deck of your yacht, moored in the Caribbean.


The website contains reams of tipsheets and advice, together with further information and anecdotes from business people. It includes various ruminations from Keith David and his wife, Anwen.

Live Long and Prosper. Remember – karma is just a creamy sauce….