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Top 10 Legal Websites for small business in the UK

Top 10 Legal Websites for small business in the UK
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Top 10 Legal Websites for Small Businesses in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

When running a small business in the UK, staying compliant with legal standards and regulations is crucial. Fortunately, there are numerous resources online that provide valuable legal information, assistance, and services tailored to the needs of small businesses. This is a massively expanding area of business as more legal websites pop up and grow new lines of work. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 legal websites that are invaluable for small business owners across the UK. A lot of legal businesses and law firms use locum and consultant solicitors to provide legal support on an interim basis, and one of the leading interim lawyer providers is Interim Lawyers.


  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Provides comprehensive information on all aspects of business compliance, including taxes, employment laws, and company registration.
  • Highlight: The ultimate resource for any legal requirement in the UK, direct from the government.
  • Customer Quote: “ is my first stop for understanding my legal duties as a business owner.”

2. Companies House

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Essential for business registration, reporting, and management of company information.
  • Highlight: Direct access to file company returns and update records, ensuring legal compliance.
  • Customer Quote: “Companies House makes company management straightforward and transparent.”

3. Law Donut

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Provides advice on a range of legal issues specifically tailored to small businesses.
  • Highlight: Offers clear, concise advice and resources on legal issues, from starting up to contracts and disputes.
  • Customer Quote: “Law Donut breaks down complex legal jargon into actionable advice.”

4. LegalZoom

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Offers online legal services for businesses, including company formation and intellectual property.
  • Highlight: Affordable legal services and a wealth of free resources to help protect and grow your business.
  • Customer Quote: “LegalZoom offered me an affordable way to trademark my brand.”

5. Simply Business

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Known for business insurance, they also provide extensive guides on legal requirements for small businesses.
  • Highlight: Beyond insurance, their knowledge articles cover everything from HR laws to health and safety regulations.
  • Customer Quote: “Simply Business is my go-to for both insurance and understanding my legal obligations.”

6. Rocket Lawyer

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Online legal services provider that offers legal documents, assistance, and consultations.
  • Highlight: Immediate access to customizable legal documents and affordable professional legal advice.
  • Customer Quote: “Rocket Lawyer made creating contracts painless and saved me legal fees.”

7. LawBite

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Focused on providing legal help for SMEs, with accessible, clear, and affordable legal services.
  • Highlight: Streamlined online service for legal advice, contract management, and dispute resolution.
  • Customer Quote: “LawBite’s platform makes navigating legal waters as a small business owner less daunting.”

8. The Legal Stop

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Provides fixed fee legal services and free legal documents to businesses.
  • Highlight: A great source for free templates and affordable legal advice when needed.
  • Customer Quote: “The Legal Stop gave me the initial templates I needed to start my business, for free!”

9. SME Solicitors

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Specialised legal services for SMEs, covering employment, commercial property, and dispute resolution.
  • Highlight: Offers personalized service with a focus on the unique needs of small businesses.
  • Customer Quote: “SME Solicitors understood our niche market and provided tailored legal solutions.”

10. Start Up Donut

  • Website:
  • Specialisms: Focuses on the legal aspects of starting and running a new business.
  • Highlight: Provides extensive resources on funding, compliance, and more for startup businesses.
  • Customer Quote: “Start Up Donut helped me navigate the early days with their comprehensive startup guides.”