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Top 10 Solicitors in Bristol

Top 10 Solicitors in Bristol
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Top 10 Solicitors Firms in Bristol

Bristol, a vibrant hub in the heart of the South West, hosts a variety of highly competent and well-regarded solicitors firms. These firms cater to a wide range of legal services, from commercial law and real estate to family law and personal injury. For businesses and individuals alike, finding the right legal representation is crucial. Here’s an overview of the top 10 solicitors firms in Bristol, complete with their website addresses and the number of solicitors, helping you navigate your choices more efficiently. A lot of Bristol solicitors firms use locum solicitors for short term cover and emergency provision. For details of Bristol locum solicitor services, please visit

1. Osborne Clarke

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: Approximately 250+
  • Specialisation: Known for expertise in sectors like real estate, digital business, and renewable energy.

2. Burges Salmon

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 400+
  • Specialisation: Offers a broad range of services including corporate law, dispute resolution, and transport law.

3. TLT Solicitors

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 350+
  • Specialisation: A strong presence in financial services, leisure, retail, and public sectors.

4. Bevan Brittan

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 200+
  • Specialisation: Focuses on healthcare, housing, and local and central government.

5. Clarke Willmott

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 100+
  • Specialisation: Noted for its services in real estate, agriculture, and private client work.

6. Womble Bond Dickinson

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 150+
  • Specialisation: A transatlantic firm with strengths in sectors like chemicals, financial services, and real estate.

7. Thrings

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 100+
  • Specialisation: Well-known for agriculture and rural affairs, commercial property, and divorce law.

8. Veale Wasbrough Vizards

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 180+
  • Specialisation: Specialises in sectors such as education, charities, and healthcare.

9. Foot Anstey

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 50+ in Bristol office (250+ firm-wide)
  • Specialisation: Recognised for its work in media, technology, real estate, and retail.

10. Lyons Davidson

  • Website:
  • Number of Solicitors: 90+
  • Specialisation: Offers a full range of legal services with a strong focus on dispute resolution and litigation.

There are well over 150 law firms within 20 miles of Bristol, and the choice and quality varies tremendously. To make sure you are getting the right firm, it can be worth having a look on various review sites and checking out the pricing on law firm websites.