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The Top 10 Human Transcription Services in the UK: Features, Pricing, and More

The Top 10 Human Transcription Services in the UK: Features, Pricing, and More
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In the digital age, transcription services are crucial for businesses, academics, and professionals across various sectors. From legal proceedings and medical recordings to educational lectures and media production, accurate transcription is vital. This article explores the top 10 human transcription companies in the UK, detailing their offerings, pricing, and unique selling points.

1. University Transcriptions & TP Transcription

  • Website: universitytranscriptions.co.uk (academic) and tptranscription.co.uk
  • Free Services: none – professional human transcribers – plus no AI so 100% accuracy.
  • Pricing: guaranteed pricing structure with no extras, starting at £1.05 per audio and video minute for 2 speakers. Prices only alter for number of speakers and turnaround times.
  • Extras: no extras – poor audio quality and technical content included.
  • Customer Quote: “Very many thanks for the three transcripts. I am very pleased with them. They are very accurate. I have had some bad experiences with transcribing companies before and its great to find one that does it so well.”

2. Way With Words

  • Website: waywithwords.net
  • Free Services: No free trial mentioned; however, they offer bespoke services that can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Pricing: Standard rates start from £1.20 per audio minute.
  • Extras: Additional costs for accents, difficult audio quality, and faster delivery times.
  • Customer Quote: “Extremely pleased with Way With Words’ accuracy, especially with accents and industry jargon.”

3. Transcribe It

  • Website: transcribeit.co.uk
  • Free Services: Offers a free trial for first-time users upon request.
  • Pricing: Starts from £1.00 per audio minute.
  • Extras: Charges more for technical or medical content and recordings with background noise.
  • Customer Quote: “Transcribe It turned around our conference recordings quickly and with great accuracy.”

4. UK Transcription

  • Website: uktranscription.com
  • Free Services: Not typically offered, but potential clients can negotiate trial periods for large projects.
  • Pricing: Standard transcription costs approximately £1.10 per minute.
  • Extras: Additional fees apply for poor audio, multiple speakers, and verbatim transcripts.
  • Customer Quote: “UK Transcription is always our go-to for academic research interviews due to their precision.”

5. GoTranscript

  • Website: gotranscript.com
  • Free Services: 5-minute free trial available.
  • Pricing: Starts at £0.77 per audio minute, with flexible pricing for different turnaround times.
  • Extras: Extra charges for noisy background, heavy accents, and rushed projects.
  • Customer Quote: “Their flexible turnaround options and pricing make GoTranscript perfect for our varying project demands.”

6. Alphabet Transcription Specialists

  • Website: alphabetsecretarial.co.uk
  • Free Services: None advertised, but they offer detailed consultations to assess client needs.
  • Pricing: Typically starts around £1.50 per minute.
  • Extras: Surcharge for challenging audio and special formatting requirements.
  • Customer Quote: “Alphabet handled our complex legal transcriptions with utmost professionalism.”

7. Transcription Services Ltd

  • Website: transcriptionservicesltd.uk
  • Free Services: Offers a free quote and consultation.
  • Pricing: Prices start from £1.25 per audio minute.
  • Extras: Additional charges for unclear recordings and multiple speakers.
  • Customer Quote: “Their detailed and precise transcriptions have significantly aided our historical research.”

8. Accuro

  • Website: accuro.co.uk
  • Free Services: No free trials, but provides custom quotes.
  • Pricing: Standard transcription rates begin at £1.20 per audio minute.
  • Extras: Charges for extra services like timestamping, summary writing, and technical content.
  • Customer Quote: “Accuro delivers exceptional quality, even with challenging medical transcriptions.”

9. London Transcription

  • Website: londontranscription.co.uk
  • Free Services: 4-minute free trial for new clients.
  • Pricing: Starting at £1.05 per audio minute.
  • Extras: Additional costs for fast turnaround times and complex audio files.
  • Customer Quote: “Efficient, accurate, and reliable—even with fast turnarounds.”

10. Take Note

  • Website: takenote.co – now called Verbit Go
  • Free Services: None specifically advertised, but sample transcripts can be requested.
  • Pricing: Starting at £0.90 per audio minute for standard transcription. Prices increase based on the turnaround time and complexity.
  • Extras: Charges extra for poor audio quality, multiple speakers, and technical content.
  • Customer Quote: “Take Note offers reliable and swift transcription services, ideal for our busy law firm.”