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World’s Most Boring Press Release Competition Entrant
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“Spend Local” Campaign calls for all returning office workers to use only independent shops for 3 months

Office workers returning to work this week are being asked to help their local economy by only spending money in small independent shops and businesses for the next 3 months.

The campaign started by office space business Offices.co.uk is to encourage a shift in how we spend our money in and around our workplaces. They are asking all tenants to consider changing their spending habits away from National chains.

“Our clients know as much as anyone just how hard things are at the moment, however we are still buying coffee, lunch and supplies. This new campaign is to showcase local businesses and try and shift our spending habits into using the independent businesses we sometimes take for granted”, explains Jonathan Ratcliffe from Offices.co.uk

There are 3 clear messages to the Spend Local Campaign:

  1. Challenge yourself to avoid using National chain shops for 3 months
  2. Only spend money in independent shops, foot outlets and small businesses
  3. Recruit 3 friends to do the same!

Research tells us that for every £1 spent in a small independent shop that 63p stayed within the local economy, compared to just 40p when spent with a chain.

Small independent shops have been one of the hardest hit business types during the Covid lockdown period. Changing how we spend our money for just a short period of time would bring essential cashflow to businesses operating on the edge.

Some ideas from Offices.co.uk on how businesses and employees can spend more money locally:


Instead of using the standard high street food chains and coffee shops for morning coffee and sandwiches, explore the range of independent food outlets. These smaller shops tend to provide friendlier customer service, more exciting menus, and often exciting healthy options.


Extensive cleaning of office spaces is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Consider using small locally based cleaning companies rather than National ones – they will be more flexible, and the employees will most likely be local people. Ask your boss who they use!


It is very easy to order business supplies online these days. However, there are still many smaller suppliers locally who can compete on price and delivery. These small businesses can often provide everything and more than the mail order giants.


Aside from day to day office spending, you can help by buying gifts, cosmetics, food, and all other types of purchasing from independents. Often the products being sold are more unique and exciting than standard high street shops.


Accountants, web designers, IT provider, insurance and more… there are lots of services businesses use and often these are National firms. Consider a shift to more local firms.

“If we do nothing more than consider how we spend money for the next 3 months the campaign will have been a success. We want our small independents to survive this, and we can make small changes to help their plight”, concludes Jonathan Ratcliffe from Offices.co.uk


Images available on request.

Spokesperson Jonathan Ratcliffe from Offices.co.uk is available for comment 07894 159932 or by email jr@offices.co.uk

Offices.co.uk provides Serviced Office Space in the UK

Website: https://www.offices.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/offices_co_uk