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Introduction – The Keith David Technique to Get Rich

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Welcome to ‘How to Get Rich: the Keith David Way’. This guide is a product of my love for mankind everywhere. I want to help you get rich. Other guides have of course been written, but you should ignore them. The authors are charlatans who are just in it to make money.

Do not read any self-help guides on how to get rich, apart from this one. There are no short cuts to becoming wealthy unless you write books on the subject and sell them to a gullible and desperate audience. Follow my advice and you too could live in a luxury house with a Jacuzzi and electric gates.

Thank you for being my reader. I love you all, even though I don’t know you.

Keith David, Monte Carlo.

How to Get Rich and then lose it all

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  • Important – Please Read Carefully Before Continuing.

    My name is Anwen David, editor of this book and the long-suffering wife of Keith David. Some time ago I discovered a half-finished manuscript entitled “How to Get Rich: The Keith David Way” gathering dust in our attic. Clearly written by Keith, the book consists of pages of tedious waffle.

    After reading the first page of the manuscript I felt a burning desire to add a bit of truth to Keith’s ramblings and this book is the result. You will find extracts from Keith’s half-finished book together with my comments. I have tried to give a more accurate picture of events as they unfolded.

    With grateful thanks to Jonathan Fagan, who has brought the book to life, and my publishers, Bertram Tadcaster & Co, who have supported me; giving me encouragement and advice when I have needed it most.

    My notes are in a different font so you can follow the more interesting bits more easily. I hope you enjoy the tale.
    Please remember that although he means well and the advice is usually harmless, Keith is full of crap.

    Best wishes,

    Anwen David, Llandaffr DH, North Wales

    (PS: Keith has never lived in Monte Carlo. Years ago he spent quite a bit of time in Barmouth but that is about as glamorous as it gets).

    Jonathan Fagan, Anwen David and the publisher, Bertram Tadcaster & Co, would like to make it clear that none of us accept liability if you follow some of the more outlandish advice contained within this book. Despite Keith David not knowing that the book has been published, he personally accepts full liability for any injuries or damage caused to your life.

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