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How to Stop Getting Press Releases from PR Firms

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Here is aBoring Press Releases simple guide to not getting Press Releases from PR Firms. It worked for us. We were getting between 2 and 5 press releases each day, and I have to say that pretty much all of them were the most boring and tedious waffle you have ever read. In fact they were so boring I couldn’t actually read them.

So how do you stop the ongoing flood of PR, something it seems certain companies are capable of churning out in vast, tedious quantities, sending everyone to sleep?


Here is our technique:

1. Set up a Blog Category on your blog or news page entitled “World’s Most Boring Press Release Competition”: https://wisebusinessadvice.com/category/boringpr

2. Every time a PR company sends you a boring piece of PR that looks as if a 6 year old child put together a load of random words, or a business person living on Planet Business and speaking Business spouted forth, post it onto your blog. Make sure you post it in full, with the contact info of the PR company and a link to their website.

3. Sit back and wait.

4. Although we cannot guarantee it, within 5 days of starting our Boring PR campaign we went from getting around 20-30 boring press releases a week to getting precisely zero!

In a way, we miss them.. In another way, we feel liberated!

It wouldn’t matter as much if these Press Releases contained something that was actually interesting, but so many of them are just full of words jumbled together that are utterly meaningless.

Here’s an example:

Responding to Chancellor Hammond’s conference speech the e-commerce delivery expert ParcelHero agrees today’s technical transformation of the economy is more important than Brexit; but says a new Digital Services Tax that hits UK e-commerce sites will slam the brakes on retail growth. The parcel comparison company ParcelHero applauds Chancellor Hammond’s call in his Conservative Conference speech to embrace the technological transformation that is underway; but is dismayed if the Chancellor proposes to tax the power house of this revolution: the UK’s booming e-commerce sector.

I mean, do we need to know what ParcelHero thinks about the Chancellor’s conference speech? Do Parcelhero really care if we know or do they just want to create links to their website?

PR Firms – please feel free to submit your competitors’ Press Releases to us – we would be happy to post them..