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Extreme Marketing 2 – Set up a Blog – The Keith David Guide to Instant Wealth

Extreme Marketing 2 – Set up a Blog – The Keith David Guide to Instant Wealth
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Set up a blog online. You can visit this successful site at www.fatmansguidetonotbeingfat.blogspot.com. This means that anyone searching for the technique and book can immediately see something online.

Technically when we were writing our book on losing weight rapidly, the book was not even half finished when we got to this stage, but there is no harm in starting early. All of this is free of charge and costs absolutely nothing.

To save you visiting the blog site, a copy of the content of the home page is below. Remember – this is an opportunity for sales…



Welcome to the Fat Man’s Guide to not being Fat Blog!

 My name is Keith and I am the author of many self-help books, such as “Masturbation is Murder”, “Live Without your Hair” and “How to Look Good – A Guide for Taxi Drivers”.

 I have written a guide so revolutionary and advanced it is currently being tested by NASA to use at the International Space Station. The Fat Man’s Guide to Not Being Fat does not require you to lose weight – it encourages you to eat whatever you want. It does not encourage you to diet or be concerned about your weight; it encourages you to do whatever you want to do to make yourself happy.

 This book, and its various associated products, will change your life.

 To order an advanced copy, please click the Paypal link below. The pre-launch price is £19.99, and you get a 5% discount off our ‘Super Weight Reducing Supplement’ if you place your order before the 31st October.

 Watch this space as I provide you with photographic evidence of how a random member of the public loses more weight in a time never seen before.